How to Make a Jig

Hey everyone,

So after many questions and several collaborated help from others, I created my first jig for these little tags I am making for someone. I decided to take the time and do a write up of the whole process of what I did and share it with everyone about all that I found out and made, this should work with any type of item / material. Instead of typing the whole process up again, here is the link the my note on this with everything in detail on how to do this:

For all who are new to glowforge (welcome to the party) and also to those who are not so new if you haven’t seen my page yet feel free to like it to stay up to date on new tricks like this and all my custom settings for non proof grade settings (around 18 and growing). I have created a notes tab directly on the page strictly for all glowforge users to help share everything I learn on the way. Hope it helps. Here is the direct link to the main page:

P.S. some reason the notes tab on the page does not work with iOS devices, only works with android devices and any computer including macs.


Thanks so much for this helpful writeup!

No problem anytime

I have been wanting to do this with my GF but my alignment/registration changes EVERY TIME I open the lid because it re-scans the bed. It usually is then off by at least a mm or more in one or both directions.

What am I missing?
Thanks so much for documenting your process.

How well is your lid closing? Any resistance that could mean it’s not closing the same each time? That’s usually from it not being on a level surface / the case being slightly twisted while sitting on whatever platform.

However, that won’t matter in the case of using a jig. As long as you don’t move anything on the screen, it will print in the same place over and over regardless of the on-screen representation. The actual calibration isn’t changing between opening the lid and closing it. It’s only taking a new picture. Calibration only occurs on power-on and if it loses WiFi connection for some reason.

The easiest way for a jig is just to just set up everything in your design file where it needs to be, have a piece of material that covers the bed and hit print.

As long as you keep the board in place and take just the jig parts out it should work, I have no idea why it wouldn’t be working other than if one of your belts are slipping or something. It is odd if yours cuts in a different area with out moving the material in the bed. Might need to reach out to support team.

Thank you for this suggestion. I had leveled the machine when I first installed it but it had been moved when I fixed the exhaust (see my ratty invasion post).

I have shimmed a low corner and realize that the door had been slightly rubbing.

I have managed to get the jig to print. I doubt they were connected as you say and the live-camera does move around so perhaps I just assumed that the coordinates would also move but a belt may have skipped in my previous attempt. Anyhow onward!