How to make Acrylic stand off signage

Hello, I need help to make signs like I have in the attached pictures, does anyone know how to layout and cut the acrylic? Also the back side has to get holes to hold the stand offs.

I know how to cut the acrylic, but having a hard time laying out the holes on the back and cutting them out.

Any help would be appreciated


Exactly what problem are you having with the holes?

Seems like it should be pretty straight forward, right? Find the appropriate setting to make the holes the depth you want, and put a bunch of holes in your design. I must be missing something.

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One technique is here:

Another Glowforge user had a novel way of lining up letters for a large wall sign. His method may not help you at this point since he used command strips rather than stand offs: First Post - Wall Quote via Puzzle Pieces

Finally, you can cut your letters out of paper/cardboard and use those templates to mark placement of holes in the wall that match where the standoffs are located in the acrylic.


and to do this take a piece of your acrylic, create a graphic with raster circles coloured from black to light grey, then place the image in the GFUI on the edge (so you can easily see how deep it goes), and run it as an engrave with vary power. After you run that, figure out which circle colour works for the depth you need, and copy that to your final design.


I would do letters of two layers. one with the holes in it that are through that the standoffs can sit flush in. The bottom layer would be offset smaller than outer. Then a top layer to glue over that for a finish. That way you can get a better hold onto the standoffs and speed up the process only having cuts.

While this sign has different materials, it may give you some idea of a process and especially for making a template for mounting on the wall by transferring the standoff positions.

Maybe something like this.



Love me some Diresta.


Great idea. Would save quite a bit of time I imagine.

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