How to make double sided wooden coins

This is more of a tip with in a video. I made some coins for a walking trail I go on from time to time. I thought I would share it here for people who were interested in seeing how I do two sided coins.


Interesting that you don’t use an intermediate cut shape with only one axis of symmetry to ensure alignment of the two sides. I suppose for most coins “close enough” is just that, but it doesn’t add any real extra time to the job, only a one or two seconds per coin.


Yea, I could have added a square around it to make sure perfect. Then circle on other side for true mirrored sides. For freebies this works lol.

Yeah. I try not to go too far on precision when it just doesn’t matter, so I hear you there.


You could also just put a piece of tape across the piece and pick the whole thing up and flip it over that way the coins stay in the spot they were engraved.

but then you’d have to be 100% comfortable that your camera alignment is spot on. The idea of rotating them in place turns the sheet into a jig which ensures perfect alignment.



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