How to make fabric iron on?

Hey y’all!
So I have a customer looking to make iron on fabric apparel tags. As of right now we are using iron on denim patches, but it’s not ideal. Does anyone here know any product that I can put on the back of the cloth before lasering that’ll allow it to be ironed on? Google has failed me.
Thanks in advance!

Look up Heat and Bond interfacing that might help you out.


Definitely Heat-n-Bond. I’ve used it on fabric…cuts like a dream.


LOL sorry should have typed it out as Heat-N-Bond to make it easier on them to find.


Oh wow! I think that’s exactly what I need! This look right to you guys? :grin::grin:

yep! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You guys are #thebest

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When it comes to sticking art to fabric there are a huge number of options. Depending on your needs you might be better off with some kind of heat-transfer vinyl, or even purchasing plastisol transfers, which can be dirt cheap and come out looking and feeling like a supple silk screen.

If you found something that works, cool, but if you feel like you want something different… describe the application and you may be surprised to find some great options.

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Follow up question for anyone still listening! Haha would this work with proof grade leather? In the sense that you need to iron add on to it. I’m assuming that would ruin the leather correct?

Leather might be a little heavy for this stuff. For that you might just want to use a good contact cement. (Gorilla makes a really good one.)


That’s what I thought. Thanks!