How to make printed acrylic charms?

Would anyone know how to make the printed acrylic charms like the ones sold on Zaps Creative?

If I knew how to transfer the images onto the acrylic we could use our glowforge to cut it out

Picture from Zaps Creative zoom_170816083148641


Most likely UV printing or dye sublimation (expensive startups…)


yea …
i’m playing around with print on acetete and going to sandwhcih is between acrylic to see how tha goes

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You could try waterslide decal paper:



awesome!!! I will try this!

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My acetate sheets failed, but mostly because i didn’t buy the transparency sheets ment for printers

Another for the to do list

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How about this technique…

I’ve gone to AlphaGraphics to get them to UV direct print on a sheet of clear acrylic.

I like the idea of the water slide decal paper. I’ve been looking for something like that.

If you look closely at this page, you can see that they used some sort of paper that has been laser cut as well.


Hmm, so it was probably similar to the method I use when making buttons/bottle caps - printed using a laser colour printer (so it doesn’t smudge or run when glued), then used a waterproof coating on the back (resin or E6000 glue), and then a back applied.

I still have seen some UV printed with a layer of white on top (bottom when viewed through the clear acrylic) of the whole design to make it opaque. And while more expensive, that’s my preferred method.

I’m confused. What did you print on? And with what?

HP Color Laser on plain paper that I seal with waterproofing - either resin or waterproof glue.

The UV printer is an expensive piece of equipment that I go to a printing company for. I give them the acrylic and they use special inks to print directly upon in CMYK+W(hite)+Clear coat.