Laser Printer Color Transfer


I thought this might be helpful to some people. This morning I decided to try a new technique on some cut scraps of Proof Grade acrylic and Proof Grade med. maple plywood. I am very happy with the results and believe this will lead to many more possibilities.

I have an Okidata 610 color laser printer that I purchased from the Magic Touch about 3 years ago and an Insta Graphic swing away heat press that I purchased from Conde Systerms two years ago.

Using the TechniPrint HS (hard surfaces) transfer paper, I printed out three designs and transferred them via the heat press. The above pictures are the final results.

For the acrylic, I pressed for 30 seconds at 321° F, and then I rotated the acrylic 180 degrees and pressed for another 10 seconds. I used medium pressure. I let it cool for about a minute and removed the transfer paper.

For the wooden pumpkin, I pressed for 120 seconds at 325°F, waited about one minute and then removed the paper. I used medium pressure.

I probably need to refine the time and temp a little bit more, but nonetheless, I am very happy with the results.

I hope someone finds this helpful–Heidi

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Wowie! :grinning:


Wow–the color is so vivid. Thanks for sharing the settings!


So just to be clear–this is for toner-based color laser printers, not inkjet, right?


Yes, I used a toner-based laser printer. I have an Okidata 610n.


Definitely of interest! Thanks for doing this testing. I have a color laser printer and several flavors of Lazertran–I wonder if it would work with one of them. Hmmmmm…


Wow, now that is something different! Very vibrant!


love the acrylic ones!
so many great ideas!


I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity shown on this forum! Thanks for sharing!


This is similar to the technique used by some to prototype PCBs. You print on a glossy magazine or the release back from an adhesive label using a laser printer, then you can transfer that to the surface of your copper clad PCB material. I usually use a clothes iron. The toner acts as a resist to the acid used to etch the copper.


Very neat. Thanks for sharing!
With the acrylic, are you making the world’s most trippiest pair of glasses?! :slight_smile:



Gonna have to step my Creative/Engineering game up a LOT with this crew. :slight_smile:


I thought that the shapes resembled flat lenses myself.


Neat product. Looks like once you factor in shipping it costs about $1 per letter-sized sheet, min purchase 50.


I’m intrigued but I did note a preference for Oki printers on the notes at coastal. They mentioned Brother and HP as having spotty results.


I wonder if I can use the Cricut Easy Press for this? It heats up to 350 degree.


If you are able to adjust the temp and the pressure, it might work.