How to manually control the air assist fan power

Covering up the unused part of the bed on the Universal will give you extra downforce also. Not sure how much but it helps. You can also get some magnetic tape, leave the paper covering on the sticky side, and cover up some of the upper slots to increase vacuum and force the top exhaust to a particular side (useful if only working on a portion of the bed). I would leave the middle open to increase exhaust towards that area.

magnetic tape won’t do much on the universal tray, since it’s aluminum. i realize it would be abnormally heavy if it was steel, but i hate the aluminum. it’s easily damaged and non-magnetic. just having the honeycomb in steel would make me happy.

Nah. Magnetic tape over the back exhaust slot - not the bed itself. I don’t think I have any pics off hand. I made a little wood piece with magnets that would attach to it, but the magnetic tape is better.

oooooohhh… i get it.

edit: since i’m in the office (first time in weeks), i actually went in an looked.

The 400 actually has 4 (I think) dampeners up there that you can slide to change the balance, which is kind of a cool feature.

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did you ever see any aftermarket vacuum beds for your universals? wondering if there are any out there. and man i’d like to swap out that honeycomb for a steel one.