How to mask non proof grade wood or materials

Someone asked me to make a video on how to mask wood to use with the Glowforge. So I made this video and decided to share it with everyone on how I mask materials. Would be easier if you have a roller. If you already know how and have masked materials you can probably just pass on the video. It is just meant to help people who haven’t done it. I hope it helps some people out.


I’m pretty terrible about not taking the time to press it enough to activate the adhesive, and I pay for it with masking that rolls off

I’ll do better!


I find that the speed you move matters here. I press down with my 3M PA-1, but if I swipe around too quickly it just doesn’t adhere as well. I find that a single slower pass is far better than two faster passes.


Great video, thanks. I use a roller from my graphic arts days (long, long ago). It’s more of a skill than art.


Got to love the days of Manual paste-Up!


I handset hard type. We used a bang press for invitations, etc. I learned to read upside down and backwards. Best skill I ever learned. Read a desk when you’re sitting in front of it :slight_smile:


I would have loved that! LOL I spent hours lining up crop marks and seps on acetate. Wax on Peel off. LOL

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I learned that cuz the parents always got the comics first, so I’d read the page after they’d let the fold flop over :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to make two suggestions:

First, when squeegeeing the paper, start from the middle center and work toward the front, then middle center to the back, followed by middle center to the right, and then the left. Then radiate out from the center to the corners. This helps prevent bubbles.

Second, you could buy a tape dispenser, but you have a frickin’ laser :wink:


What type of tape do you use?

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There are a bunch of different brands/sizes available, but in general the medium tack versions will do what you’re looking for.
I have this one:


I use that same type.

Be careful, the pricing on that is really high.

I tend to get mine for about $35 for 300 square feet at signwarehouse.

The one that was linked comes out to $0.43 /square foot, sign warehouse is about $0.12/square foot.

There’s a whole thread about pricing here:

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Sadly cheapest overall sometimes doesn’t fit into the budget today

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If you own a $4,000-$6,000 laser cutter, $20 shouldn’t break the budget. On the other hand, it goes both ways, who cares about getting the rock-bottom cheapest material when we are all wealthy enough to have a glowforge?

That being said, my New England upbringing insists that I go for the cheapest longhaul cost, so here we are, with me worrying about pennies per square foot. :wink:


I understand where you are coming from, however being a Ghet-Tech myself, I bought a :glowforge: instead of a gold chain or new car. It still was a major expense that required some adjustments. I’m sure I will get a return but it just was too cool and a great price at the time.

Then Maria hit. More adjustments so some priorities had to change. All of us are blessed to be able to take advantage of :glowforge:, but for many reasons :slight_smile:

And yes I comparison shop because I refuse to over pay :smiley:

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i had made one. haha


I got my tape from here.

i got trhe 12" x 100 yds.



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Thanks for the video. My wife and I are new to Glowforge (Day 2) and I’m looking to try different materials/tips. This tape will allow us to use plywood/hardwood thats not Proofgrade to cut or engrave? We have the basic and are really excited.

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