How to paint small engraved lettering, help!

So does anyone know how to go about painting these VERY thin letters (the small handwritten font that is engraved on the front)? Id settle for just not getting paint IN them…

My thoughts were to paint and then use a needle to scrape the paint out. I wanted to spray prime it but that will fill the letters.

Even with hand painting im bound to cross the line. Looking for any good advice.

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Your best bet would be to paint it prior to engraving it. If it is already engraved I think maybe a small high density foam roller would be the best bet. Just make sure it is not super loaded with paint. Do multiple light coats.


Alcohol ink or acrylic markers.


If you go over it quickly with spray paint the thin letters won’t fill so easily. But if you’ve already glued the layers down and need to apply alot of paint, it might be a problem.

I recently spray painted a sign I made, the letters were fairly thin. And because they were thin, the paint had a hard time going in.

I wonder if you can fill it with a black paint first, then your primer, but I’m thinking that once the letters are filled, it would be a flatter surface and really get covered at that point.


Rather than a foam roller, I would use a rubber brayer. Foam can get into the recessed areas. If you can’t find one that small, then stretch a piece of hard felt over a small wooden block (or anything very flat) and use that to brush carefully across the engraving. Practice on a waste piece first, whatever method you use.

Once it’s painted around and near the lettering and fully dry, you can mask off that area and paint the rest of the piece.


if you wanted to paint in the letters at this point I would probably seal that layer with polycrylic or something like that… Then paint the lettering without worrying about what goes outside the lines. Then use a damp paper towel to wipe off the paint. It will leave the paint in the recesses. If you plan to paint the wood around it a different color… paint everything… then polycrylic and paint the letters as above.

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