How to pick up a large amount of small pieces from a cut?


Just wondering if there is any way to pick up a cut that has a lot of small parts so that it stays in place?

I was thinking some kind of vacuum operates or putting other material underneath to keep it in place that you don’t cut through… Thoughts?

I know that with with laser cut cardboard kits you buy in the store, they leave a very small amount of it not cut so it pops out. But with that you end up with little nubs.

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Blue painters tape can be applied after the cuts.


Simple but effective. I like.

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I also used to use Scotch 811 Removable Magic tape when I was airbrushing and it worked well on paper. So that is another option.

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Oh good call!! I’ll look into it!


Or I just remembered Grafix Frisket Film. As I say “Duh!” to myself.


Oh! That’s perfect!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


And for when you cut something really detailed with lots of little pieces that are meant to fall out and get left in the laser… I use a hoover, simple and effective.


Yeah, thats why i was wondering about putting something below the material to keep it all in place.


We currently have a slightly raised honeycomb (using aluminum square stock under the corners, which won’t be possible with Glowforges, since that’ll kill the available clearance), and let small pieces fall through, to be collected just with a small dustpan/piece of cardstock, then a 3M handheld vacuum (brought in by a former server maintenance guy) to pick up anything we missed.

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In another thread someplace, @dan said that the honeycomb is ferromagnetic, so some rare earth magnets would probably come in handy for small/lighter stuff like paper.

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You could get a very thin sheet of metal, that should be able to hold everything without it falling though.
Hmmm, you could probably wrap your honeycomb in aluminum foil. :wink:

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Haha! Good thought!!


The “crumb tray” with the grate is easy to remove and dump. The rest of the suggestions (low tack adhesives, magnets) are great too.

Drip pan?

For picking up all your workpieces in one go and removing them post-cut, you could make a box approximately the same size as the Glowforge cutting bed, put a vacuum cleaner fitting on the back and laser cut many tiny holes in the front. Like an air hockey table, but backwards.

That way everything would stay tidy and in place while you shifted it to your work bench and you wouldn’t need to pick out many fiddly parts by hand

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Oh!!! Creative!!! I like that!!!

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