How to print from a photograph?

How to print from a photograph? I’ve been searching around for a while this morning and I don’t see how to start the process. Please advise. Thank you


There are tons of tutorials on here, though I’ve never actually tried to search for it so I don’t know how hard that is. Let’s see.

First of all you sound relatively new so you might get a lot out of this:

Now let’s see about photos… I searched “prepare photo engrave” and found a great deal:



The Glowforge instructions on prepping the photo are included in that first link that Dave gave you…specifically here:

(The title headers on the left column are links that will take you to various little mini-training writeups. You should start at the top and work down through each of them to learn how to use the machine.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Your assumption of my newness, is right on. I just kept using the wrong search words. Thank you so much for posting.

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Search is hampered by vocabulary. We can put tags in the posts we make, but most of the time folks don’t do it. Then a lot of us are trying to learn about something that we don’t know the technical terms for. I would imagine that not a few folks might have to learn the difference between a vector and a raster and all that entails. How does one begin to search? It takes a bit of reading and thinking through stuff. What helped me was watching a bunch of videos about laser cutting (vectors) and engraving (rasters) on YouTube. That familiarized myself with the vocabulary. The forum has so much in it, everything you need really. But it will take some time to manage it.

It is guaranteed that whatever you think of, someone has discussed it on the forum and illustrated it before. Good luck.


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