How to put the rings on keyring w/o scratching

Love the new keyring designs. One thing though - try as I might (even with the paper on) I can’t get the ring on without scratching the top of the material.

Any ideas?


My fingernails are strong, so no problem. Butter knife?


Which key ring designs?

For most of the styles I make, I use a leather strap that is looped and riveted in the center–one end is for the fob and the other for the ring.

If you can get a needle nose pliers or something, that can help to keep the ring open so less likely to scratch any acrylic, but jump rings is another option to not put the acrylic item directly on the ring…


Staple removers. They are great for separating the wires.


They just added some key rings to the catalog…it has 4 different shapes.
Rectangle, House, Round and maybe only 3 - I now can’t remember the 4 th.

The hole is big…and far enough away from the top that it scratches. I left the paper on.
I used a marker - and it looks ok. I would give it away but I don’t know that I would sell it.

I have every kind of jewelry pliers you can think of - so I will try that…and the staple pullers!


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thanks–will have to check the catalog more often!

I’ve been using the flexible wire key rings instead of the split type. like these:


I totally don’t see any new keychains in the catalog. Not sure why that is.

I have always had extreme difficulty putting on and/or taking of those steel split rings. Finally, out of frustration, I went onto Amazon and literally typed in a big long search ‘tool-to-open-steel-split-rings’ or something like that. Lo and behold, it worked! These are sort of a mini size but they work just great. When putting them onto anodized tags…and even acrylic, I put a piece of blue painter tape over the end and hold it up to the light to find the hole. Can’t make promises about not scratching thicker materials, but overall, I’ve had good luck with the taping.


Thanks for this! I love this as an alternative to those split rings. I just ordered some of these.

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haha, I did the exact same thing (with the same result) a few months back.


I asked the same thing of Google, and she sent me to Amazon as well.


Cant believe I don’t have one of these already.


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