How to "rasterize" part of image in Inkscape?

Due to the “sometimes your engrave messes up and there’s a line drawn through it” issue, I was told to “rasterize” the part of the image I want to engrave.

How do I achieve that in Inkscape?

It depends on your design and what you’re final goal is. A visual would be of assistance.

One option is to isolate the part you want to “rasterize”. By isolate I mean be able to click on it and only what you want to “rasterize” is selected. At this point you can do a Edit->Make a Bitmap Copy. This will make a bitmap on top of the vector, so you’ll want to delete the vector.

Another option, if the shape is closed, you can set a Fill color and then set the stroke to no color.

You may even be able to export as a .png, then open it in GIMP or even Paint and get rid of the parts you don’t want engraved and then Import it back into Inkscape.


You can also create a new layer, select the vectors you want to convert and paste the vectors into a new layer. They will come in as a bit map. Lots of ways to do stuff!!!

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