How to remember all the good stuff

I’ve only had my GF for a few days, and already my forum bookmarks list is totally unmanageable. My fiftycough year old brain is really good at remembering that “somebody said something about this somewhere,” but when it comes to finding said information, it can take forever to find which thread had which cool snippet of information in it. Especially when there are multiple threads with multiple cool snippets!

So, I use my trusty external brain, Evernote. As I’m reading through the forums, when I come across something that strikes me as information I’m going to want to remember at some point in the future, I copy and paste it into an Evernote note. If it’s big and complex, I can include a link back to the pertinent thread.

As an example, I was reading stuff about acrylic this morning, working up the nerve to try some on my own. In the process, I started a list of “Acrylic Pearls” that looks something like this:

  • The deeper the etch the better the refraction you get from edge lighting.

  • On clear/transparent acrylic, the etched part is more opaque than the nonetched part.

  • 1/4" or 1/2" acrylic makes “better” LED lit signs/plaques/whatever than 1/8”.

  • …using a light coating of cooking oil before cutting works wonders to keep the acrylic really clear.

…and so on.

Now, when I remember that somebody said something about acrylic that I wanted to remember, I can find it quickly by hopping over to Evernote and doing a keyword search on “acrylic.”

“His brain was filled with white knowledge, which is like white noise, only more useful.” -Neil Gaiman, in Neverwhere


Now if I can just find someone with my exact interests and borrow their notes!!! :slight_smile:


I used to be a huge Evernote user and paid for premium even though I didn’t really need it. Then one day they came in and said something along the lines of “thanks for being such a loyal customer, here is a 40% price increase and a bunch of new limits on your use”, so I looked around at that point and found out that Onenote had improved greatly so I converted to Onenote and have not looked back.

There are several good freeform db out there and everyone should be using one of them.


Why would you coat acrylic in a layer of cooking oil? Is one cutting without application paper on the material at that point?

If you want it to be transparent where you etch it, instead of turning white.


Big user of OneNote!


Here is a tip I don’t think I’ve seen.

On Amazon you can buy a base for $14, or you can buy a ready made engraved piece for $10, and you might even catch an add on deal for $5 or $6.

Just watch to see if remotes are included or not. The engraved bits come separate from the bases in the box so no issue substituting your custom made engraved treasure and I don’t see a remote as a must have, although they are nice.

BTW, 1/8 looks fine :slight_smile:


Thank you! Do you oil atop the application paper?

File under Acrylic - You can flood the engrave with acrylic solvent and restore the clarity, albeit with a texture.

I don’t know. It’s a tip I saved to remind myself to try it later, not something I’ve done myself, yet. :slight_smile:

Filed, thanks! :slight_smile:

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