How to save from the glowforge app

So, I just spent 1/2 hour laying out and dropping in artwork on some acrylic and fitting to 1 sheet of PG material. Is there any way of saving this layout and all the settings for the engrave and cut settings that I just put in a new sheet of PG material and it can just replicate this without having to set it up again?

Most of your components, positioning and settings should be saved automatically. The next time you open the same file it should be as you last used it. There are exceptions.


I haven’t tested it because I never use it: but does auto save, as currently implemented, save things added via the Add Artwork function within the print interface?

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Can’t say for sure for everything but I just tried adding both an SVG and JPG via Add Artwork, then loaded another project. Went back to the first project and both the SVG and JPG complete with position and settings were there.


all that said, this is why i design in Illustrator and work on a 20 x 12 page size, so I can set everything up the way i want it and always have a file that has the elements where they are.

but maybe that’s just because that’s how i’ve always worked for print for the past 20+ years. i wouldn’t go back and edit a PDF, i’d fix it in the source file and update the PDF.


Thanks! it did save it!

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Silly question here (because I’m short on caffeine today) - when you’re designing on a 12x20 space, what kinds of margins do you leave around the sides? I ask because I know that we can’t reach all of that area when engraving vs cutting, etc.

What’s your best practice there?

Thank you for your insight and help! It’s greatly appreciated!

honestly, i’ve just been winging margins. if i have to nudge a hair inside the GFUI, i nudge until it’s not grayed out. i probably should figure out exactly what the margins are and draw in guidelines. but since it’s at least a little bit of a moving target, i haven’t worried about it.

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Someone posted some margin investigations recently, lets see if I can find it.

Here we go:

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Note that the margins vary depending on the specific settings of what you’re cutting/scoring/engraving, and also changes over time as GF improves the software. So while people have worked out the current margins, it’ll change over time.


Thanks for the help everyone! I’m glad to hear it’s working for your @davevaill.

I’m going to close this post. If you have any other questions, just create a new thread or write in to