How to set focus height non-proofgrade for cut

I use a lot of masonite (dark pressboard you buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s) for my art pieces. I used a digital caliper to get the exact thickness of a piece I was cutting, which came out to 0.129". This is what I set the focus height to, and chose a custom cut. I set it to full power, and the default speed, 1 pass, and this was only enough to go about a quarter of the way through. I guess I have some experimenting to do – medium draftboard setting gets me close, but still just shy of a clean cut. Does anyone have any guidance to get me started on a set of parameters? Slower cuts? More passes? What’s most likely to work?

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If you select the draftboard manually, you’ll see this:

If you change it to manual cut, it will populate the Proofgrade settings into the manual section:

Just make sure you go back and set your material height in unknown material section and then populate your cut settings.

Edit: just FYI, I bumped your post over to the beyond the manual section since Support won’t be able to assist much on non-Proofgrade cut settings.


In general I shoot for highest speed at full power that will make the cut. It usually results in the least char and damage to the material. Unfortunately that’s a big “usually”, it varies from material to material, it’ll just take some experimenting to get it really dialed in.

Write down your results in a spreadsheet or something, you’ll be happy you have it all written down later. I use google sheets but everyone has a different solution.


Masonite is tough, full power and slow way down and you might get through it in a single pass. They tend to be clean though.


Wow! Thanks for all the great, prompt responses to my question! I will definitely follow these suggestions, and I will share my optimum settings once I get it dialed in.


Masonite can also vary tremendously from batch to batch. Your settings will be close as you gain experience, but each new batch will likely require testing.