How to set up and use the filter?

Can someone help me? I’m a little lost :frowning:

The filter is connected to the port on the back of the Glowforge using the exhaust hose. (You’ll want to clamp a short length of the hose over the ports at either end.) Remove any wrappings inside. (Not sure if they have wrapping around the cartridge, which just lifts straight up using the handles.)

Then you will:

  • Plug in the filter, it has it’s own power source.

  • Turn on the filter at the back of the machine.

  • Turn up the fan by turning the dial on the front of the machine - you can start at the lower settings with a new filter. As it starts to get filled up you can increase the fan speed with the dial.

  • In the Glowforge app, click the Settings (Gear) icon and flip the little switch that says “Use with a Filter”. (Leave that on every time you are using the filter, it cuts the exhaust fan speed.)

Dial up the fan before starting a print, and let it run for a while after the print has finished in order to extend the filter life. (An equal amount of time.) Try to avoid Draftboard and MDF with the filter, it shortens filter life significantly.

There should be more information on how to use it in the User Manual that you received with the purchase. (Compact Filter Manual).


Thank you so much! Really helped a ton :smiley:


Great! Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


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