How to smoke sausage with a Glowforge

First you have to grind, mix and stuff the sausage.

All ready for smoking.

But there is a problem. I need something to hang them on. Glowforge to the rescue.

With a little help from my CNC. I had some 6.5 mm plywood that refused to be cut by the Glowforge so I used the other machine for the center board.

I have to admit that the Glowforge is much easier to use than the CNC. A bit faster too.

All tied up now and hanging very well.

Time to put in the real smoker. My Glowforge produces smoke, but not quite enough heat for Polish Sausage. Although the smell of walnut is so pleasing. I used hickory pellets.

This was the hanging frame I made to fit in my 32" Traeger pellet smoker. Took out the grates and fit in the frame. Worked perfectly.

Fully smoked and cooked and ready for the chilling shower.

Love my Glowforge. It is so useful in many ways. 5mm cheap plywood and some 1/2" oak dowels and there you go. Almost two months since I used it last. Fired up perfectly and did just what I needed.

And if you every want to learn how to make sausage, Opa Jochen is the best. I usually use Rytek Kutas’s Polish sausage recipe as a base, but watching Opa I learned a lot too. I’m trying to replicate the flavor of Piekatowski’s in St. Louis. They make a great kielbasa and thick Krakow. Very simple recipe. Mainly the marjoram and coriander give it a sweet note. Some nice black pepper flakes. Dried garlic and fresh garlic in mine. Hint of fresh ground mustard seed. A couple allspice berries. 1/2 Shoulder and 1/4 belly 3mm plate and 1/4 country ribs/sirloin roast 6mm plate.


My first though was you were connecting the :glowforge: exhaust to an enclosed space with the sausages, and putting some solid walnut plank in your :glowforge: and fire away on an especially dense engraving. :rofl:

You’re on a roll with delicious food!


Yep. Trolling with that topic heading. I was perplexed about smoking these. My cabinet smoker is out of commission and the Traeger isn’t the best for sausage since the grates mark the surface and can burn too. Was thinking of a way to put a thick carboard box on top of my Big Green Egg. I think that would have worked. I’ve smoked a lot of things with a Smoky Joe mini kettle grill and a big appliance box. But then I had an idea to make this hanging frame. It worked great.


Again Happy Birthday @marmak3261 !
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Sixty is the new 40!! Love an older distinguished gentleman!!



And now I am hungry.
The struggle is real.


Wow, great idea! The sausages look great—hope they last awhile.


That’s really impressive.


It’s not clear to me that if you are using say cherry or other hardwood on a long cut project that the exhaust cant be hooked up to smoke the sausages or whatever else. This might actually be a half decent way to quickly cold smoke say salmon - oh say while you are engraving cedar planks…

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I swear, we are twin sons from different mothers.

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Awesome! Looks good!!


It crossed my mind to use the GF as a cold smoke generator. Off label use. Just engrave a flat hunk of hickory or cherry hardwood. Not sure if there are particulates from the laser I wouldn’t want, but it’s a thought.