How to transfer files from one dashboard to another

Hi! I set a lot of designs on a friends Glowforge dashboard before getting my own. How do I get those files to my own dashboard now? I’ve tried saving them from her dashboard to my computer but they’re only saving as html files:( Everything is sized perfectly on hers, it would be a shame to have to start over.

do you not have the original files that you uploaded? That’s what you want to copy over.

Yeah, so far there’s no way to transfer from the dashboard. You’ll need to re-load your original art.

That’s one of the many reasons there are so many comments on here, and on the GF site, about updating your design in your graphics software and only using the GFUI for one-offs


When you uploaded to your friend’s dashboard, you must have had the original file. You will have to use that file to now upload to your own Glowforge library.

Ok, thanks guys! That’s a real bummer. I do have the original files but there were some important adjustments made within the dashboard after the original tests were done. I guess I’ll have to measure everything out and fix the original files. Customer service had told me that there was a way to save them from the dashboard to my computer which is why I went ahead that way.


Customer Service was wrong. There is no way to do that.


I’m guessing there was a misunderstanding because they’ve never wavered on that since the beginning, despite many requests to make that possible!

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You will probably want to learn to size everything in your original graphics program anyway, rather than using the GF interface to do that. You will have a lot more flexibility that way. Which isn’t to say that you should never use the dashboard for that–but for instance, I wanted to make a lot of one kind of thing all the same size, and I ended up with about 4 different sizes, because I could not make them exactly the same in the GF, (unless I’m doing it wrong) where I can in Illustrator.

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If you size it, then copy and paste to have four copies to print, they will be the same.

Your point about defining the size in an editing application is mostly valid, however.

You could ask if GF support could transfer the files between accounts, you’d probably need to get your friend to initiate/confirm it.

Seems like a long shot, I doubt they have an official procedure for this, but they might be able to do it…

And yes, what everyone else said: going forward, do your editing locally — you’ll be happier that way.

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Yes, I have that one figured out. However, when I was first starting out, I created a bunch of coaster designs, and in fitting them to the cutting area I made about four different designs four different sizes, because I eyeballed the sizing in the GF app. I then started to make sure that each design was the same size in Illustrator, and stopped adjusting the fit in the app, and that went away. I don’t know if that explains what I was talking about. Now, I only adjust the size in the GF app if the size doesn’t matter isn’t relevant.

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