How to ungroup a SVG bundle?

In Inkscape they are not grouped.
Any such file I help folks with goes in the “do not use” sub-directory. Others beat me to taking out the two specifics.

I wasn’t chastising, but posting a file you purchased on a public forum makes it available to anyone without paying, so you should remove it (them.)


No worries. I had never uploaded the file to a forum and you are correct. This makes the file available to everyone for free and I paid for it. I am new to the Glowforge family.


Kudos to you for recognizing and acknowledging your error. I hope you got enough help to move forward with your file!


Is there any way GLOWFORGE can add the option to ungroup? I have bought several files that are useless because before they are uploaded to my dashboard, glowforge “GROUPS” them rendering them useless for what I need to use them for. sigh.

You need to learn to use actual design software. The glowforge UI is not meant to be a replacement for actual design software like Illustrator, Inkscape, etc. There are many many tutorials on inkscape on youtube and inkscape is free.