How to warm up?

Sooooo… what are some good ways to safely warm up your laser after it’s been in the cold laser dungeon too long? It’s about 30 degrees in here and I’ve had two heats in for two hours. I just wanna make stuff while my bones are willing to let me move around…

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You have the lid open to help get the warm air in there, right? And maybe a fan to help circulate it through? Or turn the unit on to get its fans going & start drawing in the warmer air (from the right side) and out the exhaust for a while will help before you try a job… (in theory the temp sensors will prevent it from operating until it’s warm enough).

If you have a thermometer that you can read the inside temp for the machine, that’s ideal, else i guess it’s too cold if you still need to wear a coat!

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YOU ARE A GENIUS about opening up the laser to let the warm air in.

No thermometer but that’s next on the purchase list.

Alas, I live inside my coat right now. I am very tiny and I have angry bones when it’s cold outside so I can’t personally tell when it’s warm enough or not.

The cold/hot temperature limits have changed a few times over the past two years. Don’t know what the new low limit is before you get the orange light. Last year my pro would run fine until the temp got down to about 51F (11C), then the orange light would appear. My unit is in the unheated basement. So about an hour before needing to use it I would set an electric space heater about a meter away. That got to be a pain. Now I place a Seedling Heat Mat (10" x 21" about $12) on the crumbtray and close the lid. It keeps the inside at a useful temp range until ready to use. I turn on the electric space heater for me. The mat is only 18watts. Won’t heat a space fast or help if the temp is too low.


How long do you leave the mat in there? Is your GF okay being unheated like that for long periods of time? Mine is also in the unheated part of my house… technically my whole house in unheated but we plug in heaters in the living room in winter time… (northern Michigan, always cold).

:blush: Flashes of brilliance among smoldering nonsense…

I love sweaters myself, but wow, never tried working in as cold a “dungeon” as you have! You might have some unhappy material, too…

And add a thermal blanket to your list so you can cover the GF when you’re done to try to help keep it from getting so cold… (read this idea on some other thread last winter).

Yeah… our house doesn’t have heat aside from plug in heaters, we manage but we also basically live in the central room of the house. Just myself, my husband and our cats- we rescue special needs so we have a lot and they could keep a dead body warm. The cats are why the laser room is all the way in the back of my frozen wasteland.

I’m a thermal sissy, I couldn’t tolerate a cold house. :grimacing:


I essentially live in a pile of blankets and 8 cats (give or take two, 13 total but not all cuddle) during the winter months. There are days I’ll sooner starve than leave my nest. Thank god for my husband.


Keeping a room at “t-shirt comfortable” just to run the machine is going to get expensive.

The cats won’t mind, though.

I don’t think I’ve been “t shirt comfortable” once in my entire life…

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Ha ha…that’s a great title description. I’m with you!


If the room isn’t terribly large I’m a fan of my space heater:

Also, that’s a bonus “previously”! It’s a previously with a previously in it, previous-ception. Good times.

But yeah it has a timer and can keep a moderate sized room stable at 50 overnight and more reasonable temps during the day using that feature.


I keep every room at 23 C. Can’t stand being chilly. I have friends who like coming over on cold days just to get warm because they refuse to turn up the heat at home lol.


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