How veneer is made (veneer tech plant tour video)


Thanks that was interesting!

Really interesting!

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Thanks this was both amazing and interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

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Lol, Scott is a friend of mine because I have met him online because he is my oldest best friends b-i-l and well the maker world.
The more makers I get to know the more I see we are all connected. I met Andy Berky because he got a Shaper Origin and Andy and Scott are good friends so each were gobsmacked to find out that I knew the other.


if he doesn’t know, let him know he got linked on the awesomer, which is where i found the link.



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Wow! Fantastic! Learned something new!

I love these kind of videos. It never ceases to amaze me that someone figures out how to make things, and make specialized machines to facilitate the process. And I can’t fathom how they can edge glue those thin pieces together!! Thx for sharing.

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