How well does wood veneer stand up to heat?

I am considering cutting a design out of veneer and adhering it to a block of wood to use as a trivet. Do you think that the veneer will warp or be damaged from setting hot pots on it?

Are you talking about the PG veneer? If so, I do not think it would handle long-term heat well. The 3m tape on the back of it would likely not handle it well. I also do not know how the pre-finish on it would do either.

If you are talking about doing a veneer yourself. The short answer is yes*.

*It would obviously depend on the type of wood, finish, and glue is used. Though most wood glues tend to be ok up a certain point.


Yeah I was talking about proof grade, thanks for the insight.

Unfortunately we’re not sure which 3M adhesive they’re using. I use 468MP successfully in a situation that withstands 110celsius for extended periods of time and it works fine. The PG adhesive may not like it, but also the finish and wood may discolor.

Too much heat resistance may not be desirable for laser cuttable material actually.

I wonder if there’s a heat resistance epoxy resin that you could encase the trivet in after it’s done.

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I like your epoxy idea, that would look really cool. I was going to just try and cut it from a half inch piece of plywood, but I’m not convinced I’ll be able to line it up when I flip it over to cut from the back. I wish there was an easy way to do that. My thought was drilling holes in the corners to line up, but the alignment from the camera is not accurate, so that wouldn’t work.

You may be able to get through the 0.5" from the front with multiple passes actually.

I did 6 passes at full power and 250 speed on the basic model. I could see little dots on the back where the lines intersected but that was it. I didn’t change the focus height on that test. I wonder how many more passes I’d need, or if I’d have to refocus.

Yes, you may want to set the focus manually lower for the passes after the first 3.

Other way to go would be to cut a jig out of draftboard or cardboard. Might be tricky if your source material isn’t precisely symmetrical along the flip axis.