How will servers be paid for long term?

I can imagine that server space/time is initially paid for out of startup funds and by future sales in the mid-term, but how will the servers be paid for long-term? Should we expect to incur some sort of subscription charge at some point?

Just trying to figure what ongoing costs might be to keep running a GF cutter.engraver.

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We build the cost of servers-forever into the cost of the Glowforge.

Google cloud service is, if extremely macro managed, very cheap.

I think that’s also that makes the Pro a bit more expensive. Made for more frequent use and more server use :smile:

Also don’t forget, Glowforge sales aren’t ending with the 50% campaign. There are a lot more people out there that will buy a Glowforge after the campaign ends. And with that said, I can’t wait for version 2.0 in the years to come :wink:

Thanks for the reply Dan. It will be interesting to see how this actually works out in the long run. Eventually competition will force GF to drop prices and at some point server costs might become a factor, though I’ll admit that I have no idea how significant or insignificant such costs might be. Over the long haul, I’d rather pay a modest monthly server fee than lose use of the GF.