How you do a "cease and desist" letter to your fans

nice job, netflix.


Haven’t been watching. Might have to binge given the coolness of this response. Agree - Good job Netflix.


That letter showed a great deal of class, and it was a nice move to let them continue to the end of their planned run. I live near that bar - this iteration was executed really well and has been wildly popular. Insanely long lines to get it. It’s too bad it won’t be able to continue, but then again, the whole point of a themed pop-up is to keep things fresh and interesting!


exactly. the essentially said, “you need permission to do it again” (and probably want some sort of fee, since the pop up was making money off of their IP).

I guess I meant too bad for this location. The model is based on fresh, new themes. Extending it for a few weeks would have been one thing, especially going into Halloween, but it’s unlikely that they’ll tear it down, just to seek out permission and re-do it for another limited run some other time when the excitement has worn off. On to something else.

I see the letter more as (rightful) protection of their IP and a warning/reminder to potential copycats.

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With any luck, that’s in the works!

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This reminds me of the old days of skateboard companies appropriating trademarked logos and using them until the C&D came in the mail, then they’d cease, and move on to another trademark until another round of C&D letters came in.

As someone who has had to issue C&Ds for my own IP, I’m ambivalent to the topic, but I’m glad these guys poured a lot of love into their fandom and I’m glad Netflix was cool with them completing their intitial run. Glad it was just a pop-up, though. I’d hate for them to have lost money on a permanent venture.


Hopefully they’d tap these guys in the future, rather than stealing the idea.

Hopefully they’ll promote the lawyer to the creative department :grinning: