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Thought you might enjoy these.

Huffington Post interview that covers the genesis of Glowforge, angel investing, and more:

Wide ranging discussion on Robot Turtles, Hot Seat, Glowforge, and more:

Also apparently I’m in Time this month, although I have yet to track one down and figure out what that’s all about.


Ha! Kickstarter is a generification or proprietary eponym for crowdfunding. Dan, you are an inspiration. Glowforge won’t be far behind in the synecdoche sweepstakes.

So @bailey just sent me a phone scan of the article, if you’re curious. Turns out it’s all Robot Turtles. Sorry for the low-res.

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@dan, I am ashamed at you. You just flubbed a perfect opportunity to say “it’s turtles all the way down”



Do you have any idea how many times I have a perfect opportunity to say that in a typical afternoon?


Ha! I can imagine the eye rolls after a few days but we are new audience and would have roared!