Humpback Whale Necklace - Walnut & Brass



My own design, though I’m sure I took inspiration from somewhere. I cut the brass using my Nomad CNC mill. Engrave on the details, cuts for the shapes. 3 pieces total (2 walnut sandwiching 1 brass).

I may end up remaking this because I am unhappy with the finish on the brass. I think I need to do some polishing before glue up next time, but my wife is happy with it as is.

Quarter for scale:


The contrast with the brass is beautiful! Really great design.


Ohhhhhhhh, it’s gorgeous!


That’s great! I love the contrast.


A laser and a CNC…you can make just about anything!! (or close to it).

It’s a lovely piece! I love your design.


Add a tiny potted plant charm on there and you’re set! Very nice.




“Oh no! Not again!”


Very nice. Great idea


I love animals the mixed media look, and have many similar necklaces on my to-forge list. So glad to see the glowforge did a great job with the wood part of it!

I will be the first to say no idea is new, but perhaps something like this was an inspiration if you were looking to credit. Or maybe you both used a similar source image - not trying to assert anything.

For anyone else envying this look without a CNC, I’m hoping mirrored acrylic like in the link above looks great in person too!


SO nice!!!


This is stunning!


That’s probably the one! Pretty striking resemblance, so I’m guessing we worked from the same source. Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks everyone for the kind words!


Very nicely executed. Also a good reminder to document and acknowledge inspiration sources to enhance community relations.

I would imagine as time goes on, the issue of inspiration, copying and attribution will become a very vigorous topic here. It is an extremely important issue to many folks whose livelihood is based on their creative work.


Nice job! I think I need to make one but with a Cat! Great work!


Nice idea! I was just thinking I’d love to figure out a similar look.


If there’s a whale, there’s a way. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) Awesome job!