Hung up on preparing your design all morning

I’ve got a small print set up. 18 sets of 2 lines of engraving - no cutting.

It will let me do one at a time - but It’s not getting past this screen otherwise?

Still considered a Wi-Fi issue?

Depending on how many nodes are in the text, it’s probably still trying to figure out what you want it to do. Eighteen lines of text has the potential for a lot of nodes, depending on the font used.

If you are engraving the text anyway…just rasterize it. It will go a whole lot quicker and look just as nice.

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Thanks for the tip.

It was something easy that was trying to be hard!

RIght after I posted it finished “preparing” …

I will rasterize next time!

Giant asterisk.

Rasters look as good as vectors as long as their resolution is sufficiently high. Be aware that nothing fixes a low-res raster, so if you rasterize it, set it to export at a generously high DPI (300+).


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