Hyrule Treasure chest


I made a tiny box and lid with finger joints to test kerf adjustment

This is cut out of PG medium maple and held together with nothing but friction. To compensate for the kerf, I adjusted the cuts by 0.07mm in Illustrator using the Object -> Path -> Offset Path tool. This left a nice solid hold between the joints without being impossible to press together.

When designing the lid, I left a 0.05mm gap between the side of a lid and the adjacent box side. The result is a nice fit. The lid stays put when I move the box around, but doesn’t give a fight when I lift the lid off the box.

Hope this helps others when designing!


Kudos to @ianauch and his candy boxes for the arch cutout on the lid. Such a tiny detail makes the whole project feel better


That is so tiny and cute! Great job! :grin::+1:



Very nice!


I can imagine so many custom boxes for things like truffles, candy or fungus, jewelry and whatever. Amazing precision.


If left in a box for long enough, candy might become fungus…