I am having trouble deciding where to put the vent hole


With the shipping notice here my brain is a little fried. Having trouble with decisions. Just can’t decide what is the best place and shape for the vent hole…:wink:


None of those look quite right.


I think number 2


LOL. What is that actually?


The one on the left.


No idea… Just a pic from the net.


Vent holes are overrated. Just forget about it and use the included hose as a straw for your Super Mega Big Gulp.


Looks to be a table and chair made from layered drywall, surrounded by the sheets of drywall from which the layers were cut.

-reverse image search-

It’s the work of artist Scott Carter


Looks like the chair and table were cut out of the sheets on the wall?


Try them all and see which one works best. :rofl:


Aha! Now that’s a puzzle @jbmanning5