I am looking for a vector of the Texas state seal or a clean image

I am trying to find a clean image ( no artifacts) or a vector file of the seal of texas. I have found several that I have tried to work with but there are small artifacts in the white parts of the image and I am unsure how to get rid of them. I have tried tracing the images in several programs but the resulting files have small distortions in the result. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


Did you look on Wikipedia? Click on the seal and it takes you to a svg.

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i did but I need to convert to black and white. When I go to engrave on acrylic i get those annoying artifacts

this is the file I am attempting to use. I am making an edge lit acrylic using the led stand offs. My first attempt left artifacts. I cant find a way to remove the white. I have access to gimp and corel suite 2019. If someone can point me in a direction.

It’s an svg. There are no artifacts. Go nuts man, modify the colors to your heart’s content.


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The image you posted isn’t the SVG linked here. It’s an awful low-resolution bitmap.

It doesn’t get any cleaner than the SVG! Just shade it as you want.

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Thank you for the help and advice. I am working through him trying to clean it up