I am looking to see if I can make a 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle - I have no idea where to start

I am hoping to make a 3D Pirate Ship Puzzle. I am brand new to the GlowForge and know someone who would love a pirate ship puzzle. If anyone has any ideas for how I would get a template or knows what steps I can take to make one, I would greatly appreciate it.

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you had the thought, THAT IS THE BEST START!
start google image pirate ships to give you ideas what it should look like
and Take it from there!!!



I would suggest using the puzzle trick in the GFUI on an engraved photo of a pirate ship at this point.


A pirate ship is a pretty complicated 3d form to start with.
Do you have any experience with 3D design software?

If not, I’d suggest studying a premade laser cut pirate ship, for example


MakeCNC has some great models – you might check there.

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What is GFUI?

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Glowforge User Interface

Please note, I am not intending to actually build it. I want to give the puzzle to someone to build.

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