I am not a lawyer (IANAL) but


I was surfing my Amazon spam, and saw this advertised which caught my eye:

Now, I’m not a particularly litigious person, but isn’t “FlashForge” a possible trademark issue? Especially in the “3d printer” namespace? @dan ?

Edit: I’d have bought it. lol… It actually looks quite nice…


Flashforge existed long before Glowforge did. The Dremel 3D Printer is based off their design.


Huh. I never heard of them before. But you’re right, it does remind me of a Dremel kit now that I think about it. Interesting!


They’ve been around since 2011. I know a couple people that have their Creator printer.


I have one of their old printers from 2012. Not bad, but not that good either. They were around long before Glowforge was a twinkle in Dan’s eye.


I have a FlashForge Creator Pro that I got on Black Friday 2014. So that’ll make my :glowforge: the junior forge in the household.


But they grow up so quick. :wink:


But like every baby, it’ll be the one getting all the attention. :star_struck: