I am one with the Force


Playing around with creating block letter signs, so I made one for myself. Had to reduce the size as the original kept hitting something on the right side when trying to use almost the entire bed space, but this one worked at 19 inches wide.

Here is the one that got me started. A piece requested from a friend who is a new grandma, for her grandson. Her grandma was the inspiration, and is still alive, so that makes her a great-great-grandma. Needs paint and then ready to give.

2018 Nerd-off

Looks great!


Glad you were able to work through … it looks really good!


Looks awesome! What material did you use?


Thanks. Lesson learned, don’t use all the available space, even if the :glowforge: says that is will print. :wink:

I used medium draft board. The black paint is acrylic. The original one was maple, but there was an issue of the carriage bumping to the left and ruining the print. I reduced the size slightly, and it now works.


Cool! It reminded me of this two-colored acrylic I saw at Inventables. I’ve never tried the stuff, so I have no idea if it could look as good as your version.


I’ve also wanted to buy some of that 2-toned acrylic, just haven’t got around to it yet. I just used an offset path to the outer shape, and then left that masking tape on and painted the insides. After the paint dried, removed the mask, and it was crisp and came off clean.


Ooooo, love the layered look! They really came out nice.