I bought a Maslow today

I got a notification from Maslow that my place in the order line had come up. It only cost a buck to get in the cue. (Instead of 3k) And for 500 all in, I decided it was short money and hopped on the wagon.
No particular use for it yet, but I figured it was a good extension of the Glowforge, and my future purchase of an X-carve.


I bought one on the second run, have yet to find the time or space but really looking forward to running it.

I dearly wish I had the space for one but even the Glowforge is eating more space than I have.

What you might want to do is download and learn to use Freeship. It will design almost effortlessly any kind of boat you might want, but if you think out of the box it will assist on any curvy set of planes and provide cutting shapes of all those pieces when flat.


Between the x-carve and the Glowforge I have not had time to setup mine either. All I can say is that Bar and Hanna are incredible people. They’ve done a great job with Maslow.


A boat may be on that list, and a “Divorce Kayack”.


Speaking of which, does anyone know of a good source of extrusions of these cross sections…

particularly of nylon or rubber but vinyl as well. as you can easily imagine glued to those intersecting curved plane.s many things are possible.

including boats