I built a dedicated shop for my GF and CNC, advice needed

If you vent outdoors, does HEPA matter?

As to rolling outside, could you build in doors that allowed you to vent all of that dust out without actually wheeling the whole thing outside?

I can’t really vent it outside, my neighbor is less than 10ft away. I’m in downtown Honolulu.

As far as the HEPA, I plan on doing all kinds of things in this shop I want to make sure my kids’ health stays intact, so I’m willing to spend more on the air purification.

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I got those awning windows on Craigslist. The guy had 4, I only needed 2, but they were only $70 each for $300 double-pane windows so I got them all from him. I went ahead and put one in today and moved the other one down; I could barely reach them with a stool before. It rains quite a bit here, so the awning windows were important to keeping moisture out when the tools aren’t running.


Nice… put the other two to the left of the door, just for more light even if you can’t always open them?

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The only comment I have is to back up @evansd2 about the number of outlets. I’d definitely put at least one up high around where the loft is going to be, as well as adding at least a couple more down on the level where you already have some. That “shed” looks sweet!

These are awesome:


Thanks…one is already in on the other side, last one will be by tomorrow morning. Just need to cut out the hole. Also I’m trying to keep them fairly high because of security.

I forgot to mention re:noise. I live less than 300 feet from Punchbowl Cemetery, which is like the Arlington of the Pacific Ocean. Over 34,000 graves with most, if not all, victims from Pearl Harbor. Out of respect for them, I can’t be blasting a router outdoors. I’m wedged in between these condos and the cemetery and that sound has nowhere to go but up there. This is one of the reasons I put in a floating floor with insulation in the floor. I’m putting it in the walls and ceiling, as well. All of the windows are double-pane to help mitigate sound. I’m still planning on a “sub-room” or enclosure for the CNC to keep dust from going EVERYWHERE.


The room is 12’x16’ and there are 9 outlets at waist-level, and 2 switch-controlled outlets at the upper-loft, and one in the floor. Was thinking of putting a cheapo box fan in each window and setting them to turn on with the switch. Could do a lot of exhaust momentarily, albeit noisy. Would be great for painting. Could put each fan on low.

Haha my bad, for some reason I thought you only had 2 or 3 outlets at waist level :sweat_smile:

I’m sure you’ve seen this?


Shoooots, wanna come to North shore and build one for me, too? haha We’re just renting otherwise I’d probably jump into something like this. Maybe I could convince the landlords that it would up the property value and have them pay for it :rofl:

I don’t have any input other than the insane amounts of jealousy I have over this. Amazing setup you’ve got going. Can’t wait to see the the finished shed!


howzit?!? Are you using a GF in your rental? Home Depot has those rubbermaid sheds that are temporary and lockable.

I can’t wait for this to be pau so I can get back to burning (wood)!

What you no more space in the house?

Yeah we have two rooms, so I have it in there, lucky my neighbors no mind the smell haha You know how hot and wet it is in the country, can’t leave the Glowforge in a shed outside, plus the chronics that walk the streets :roll_eyes:

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I have room in the house, but it’s such so loud and smelly. It’s like someone running a vacuum in the other room for hours at a time. Also it’s difficult to prep material outside with a table saw, then bring it in, then take it back out to paint.

I put my windows up very high so it would be very difficult to reach by anyone. There’s a dehumidifier, and an AC, and the entire thing is very sealed so I hope I can thwart the humidity.


I just emptied mine today. Forgot to mention: get a dehumidifier. :slight_smile:

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Any advice for the walls? I have Rockwool to go between the studs, but I need something to cover all of that and the wiring. I’m so far into this thing that I might as well do something stylish for the walls. I’m not much of an interior decorator, though. I can get reclaimed redwood in all kinds of lengths for a “reclaimed” wall kind of look. I can’t stomach buying plastic sheething board, or even that fake wood-stuff. Sheetrock would be nice, but just a giant pain in the ass. I would probably just hire that out.

One of the things that’s important to me is to have places to showcase items that I designed. Like, a few different backdrops to show something against white, against brick, whatever. Was going to make some kind of Olan Mills/K-Mart/Uncle Rico photography backdrop/barndoor panel that I could slide in and out on a rail. I didn’t want to be stuck with whatever I put on the walls.

With a massive French-cleat system going up on one of the long walls, I’m inclined to just cover it with 1/8" plywood and leave it unpainted, since it would be mostly covered with stuff.

Just in case anybody’s wondering, everything you’re seeing here puts the project just past $8000 for materials. The labor (me) was free. I’ll be over $10k before this is over.


The AC I’m getting does 2.1 pints per hour, right out the back. The dehumidifiers I use in the house are more like 2 pints/week! I have the Elgato Eve homekit sensors around the house, so I keep tabs on the humidity levels. I’ve had so many things deteriorate in this air when I used to leave the windows open more often. I’ll see how the AC goes.

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I had not seen it! Thank You!

If you go sheetrock you might want to use a trick I saw once in a barn/studio. The person who did it simply slapped some kind of nicely finished board (wide lattice?) over the joints. If you have access to a lot of reclaimed wood, you should be able to figure out a pattern that’s backed by sheetrock and just happens to have wood pieces where needed. Which might also play nicely into the display background thing.