I can see we have a problem Fedex

So I had to order a new black cable due to the stuck on scanning issue. I did that and the shipment was picked up by Fedex on June 2nd with a delivery date of June 10th. I signed up for tracking updates and eagerly watched its progress as far as Troutdale Oregon. It all went south from there (literally) as you can see on this map. The blue line is my shipment and the red line indicates where it should be going. Now my delivery date is supposed to be next Tuesday the 16th. I guess this might explain the outrageous shipping fees Fedex charges.

Edit: I spoke with a rep from Fedex and he agreed this shipment was put on the wrong truck in Oregon. They are looking into it for me now.



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So sorry! :anguished:


Lid cables, Carriage wheels… We early adopters with the failure analysis serve as a refining mechanism for a new product. I personally couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to participate.
That has to be flavored with my own experience of flawless operations. I’ve read of customers going through 5 machines in warranty! I have no idea how I would respond to that. Knowing me, I would guess … not well.


I’ve had five, and I’m happy as a clam. :slight_smile:

Assuming clams are happy, that is. I mean, who can really tell? Why do we even SAY that? :thinking:


(At high tide)

Since they are mostly collected at low tide.

Similar situation with another laser that I ordered.

They call to say: Mr. Manning, you won’t be getting your delivery today. (Was surprised at the call, but it was FedEx freight, not regular FedEx). We’ve lost your package.

Me: you lost a 400lb laser?

FedEx: well, the crate is actually 790 lbs.

Me: …

They eventually found it in Phoenix. Only supposed to be Dallas to Austin area. But :man_shrugging:t2:


If you look at them from the side they’re smiling so they must be happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though it’s because there’s more to the saying than most people say.

“Happy as a clam at high water”

Old fisherman saying. It’s because clams are safe from harvesting at high tide since they’re collected at low tide (when they’re presumably sad).

Just another little piece of trivia for your next party :grin:


Update: I finally received the black cable I ordered. After travelling 2120 miles more than it had to it made it to my house. I installed it and I’m back in the game. One happy camper.


I just wish there were cheaper shipping options. This is my cost for a lid cable to Canada:
Lid cable receipt


Too bad it can’t just go in the mail in an envelope.

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i wouldn’t want it shipped in an envelope. there’s enough potential to damage the cable opening/closing the lid. letting a shipping company have a chance to fold, spindle, or mutilate is not a good start.

and it would be a reeeeeally big envelope to keep it flat.

It would probably fit in a small priority mailbox usps which is only $8+

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Yeah this total works out to $93.66 Canadian. Ouch!

i’m not sure i want it all folded up like that during shipping. that would be several loops in the long direction, and one in the short. and i don’t know if that would make it harder to properly install or have any potential long-term issues started. there’s a reason they picked the tube, and i doubt it was to make shipping more expensive.


It has to be shipped flat/straight, and it’s almost 2’ long.

Years ago, they used to have a triangular box for shipping plans and such, and it was in the same price range as other priority mail boxes - even for international. I bought and sold a heck of a lot of long materials (for radio control modeling purposes).

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Didn’t know that since I don’t need one (yet)

hopefully you never do. but if you look at how big it is inside of your machine, you can see how difficult it could be to fit. and it’s not floppy flexible, it’s stiff flexible because of the wires inside.

Crossed fingers and knocking wood

Still do - both Priority and Express versions.