I can’t figure out acrylic cutting settings HELPPP

I recently purchased the aura and have not had any issues using the PG materials but it’s hard to get my hands on. I purchased some acrylic 1/8” and I’m having issues trying to cut it out. Sometimes it’ll cut through, sometimes it only scores the acrylic. I’ve tried running it through multiple times.

I just must be really special when it comes to finding the answer because I see so many makers online not having any issue

Thank you so much


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You’ve come to the right place. The good news is that this question has been asked many times, so many that I included it in my list of common questions and answers. You’ll be particularly interested in number 5A:

Beyond that that list of questions and answers is pretty useful for anybody who’s just getting started. You should take a look through it and see if you see anything else that seems interesting.

I hope this gets you to what you’re looking for, and I look forward to seeing any future posts you make about projects. :slight_smile:


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For 1/8" acrylic, I have had good luck just using one of the thin eco-acrylic settings. It is important that you know the diode laser in the Aura cannot cut clear, white or blue acrylic. I sometimes have to add a 3rd pass for thicker acrylic.

What color acrylic are you using?


I don’t find there to be much difference between proofgrade acrylic and other brands, so I generally just select the closest proofgrade setting. It might help to supply some more details about the specific material you’re using, what settings you’re using, screenshots of the interface, and photos of the results you’re getting.


how long have you had it. have you ran a lot of other materials before running the acrylic? make sure the lens isn’t getting covered with material. sometimes when i use non proof grade material I run test pieces with different settings.


The color of the acrylic matters very much to the Aura and Spark (and not at all to the Pro/Plus/Basic).