"I carry Narcan" simple pin

Hey there!

Unfortunately things are getting a bit darker in this timeline, and as I’m sure most of
y’all are aware fentanyl has tainted almost everything in the North American supply
of illicit substances. Narcan, or Naloxone is an absolutely life-saving medicine that
anyone can carry and use at any time, and you could very well save a life. Narcan works
by immediately halting/reversing an overdose from any opiate, and the side effects if
an opiate is not the cause of someone being unconscious are basically nothing. Also,
this doesn’t just apply to fentanyl, but ANY opiates. I was an EMT for four years and
we had a case where a highschool athlete with extreme opiate sensitivity overdosed
on ONE Vicodin she was given after an ACL tear. It can happen to anyone, and it’s an
easy way to potentially save a life.

This isn’t a political pin, but a statement to be worn that signifies that you can render
aid when the need arises. It’s extremely simple in design. I cut it at this size and am
putting two pin backs on it, but if you like it scale it however you feel.

Be safe out there y’all,

I carry narcan


That’s a great idea that can save lives. Hope there are more people like you out there. :blush:


I see they approved a nasal spray, which would be appropriate for an unconscious victim. Is that what you carry?


This is lovely Josie. We carry it in the car after I read an article that compared it to a fire extinguisher - it’s even less cost and effort for something that could save a life. It’s rare you get a chance to do a good deed on that order of magnitude, and for the cost, it seemed like a nobrainer.


Yep this is what I carry.


Thank you @dan! I would check as far as temperature sensitivity regarding carrying it in the car, but thank you so much for carrying it, especially since IIRC y’all are based in Seattle and up here in the Pacific Northwest things are so bad right now.


Can one purchase it over the counter at this point? I read it would be possible soon, but didn’t know how soon.


Great work and dedication.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been meaning to look into carrying.


“Naloxone hydrochloride remains chemically stable following exposure to heat or freeze-thaw (80 °C to − 20 °C) cycles after 28 days”

Though cars are known to get quite a bit hotter, and some places quite a bit colder, than that - I imagine an insulated bag would keep it in that range.


Great idea! My daughter is a deputy and would love that!