I don't get it - how to assemble this tree design?

So I printed the “Tree Display For Ornaments”. All three parts - but for the life of me, I cannot see how to assemble them in any way that doesn’t defy the laws of physics by forcing the wood to twist in some insane way.

Does anyone have a hint? I diagram? step by step photos? Anything?


Many of the catalog designs have instructions in the “Design Details” link under the three dots menu. I don’t have that design so I can’t check. If there are no instructions under that link, hopefully the designer will see your question.


This is one of the few catalog designs without instructions. The designer should be able to help you: @pupyouup_designs


I haven’t made it - but I’ve made similar items. I’m pretty sure if you start with the piece that has the 2 smaller cuts (#3), then slide the #1 piece down onto the #3, then rotate the #1 as far to one side as you can, and slide the #2 piece up from the bottom.
A 2nd pair of hands might prove helpful if that’s an option!


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