I feel a bit sheepish about this one


When a kids puzzle is missing a piece we don’t throw it out we make another piece. Younger daughter did the color fill after this was cut out and scored.

1/4 “draftboard” did the trick.


I couldn’t even tell which one you fixed! Nice job…


I know someone who’s a hero! :smile:


You lie but thanx


Nice fix man! :sunglasses:


You rock, dad!


Grandpa, or as they say here in the deep south, pa pa.


That’s great!


My kids call my dad “Pop-pop.”


I can’t think of a better use for a Glowforge!


Actually @markwkruse is telling the truth. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at until I read the description! Great job!


Looks like you saved the day! :slight_smile:


Can I give you extra likes for the title of this thread?


That what we called my Mothers father and “Mom-mom” was my Mothers mother. :sunglasses: