I finally made something from scratch

Thank you so much!!

thanks for the awesome share an great job!!!

Glowforge ran a 30 day crowd-funded campaign. It wasn’t on Kickstarter because Kickstarter didn’t handle referrals so the system was custom built.

And now I know :grinning:
Please pardon my aging memory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. We were there (“founders”).


Some of us got an early “fix” with a PRU :slightly_smiling_face:

I declined a repair/replacement on my PRU (it wouldn’t work unless I centered the head before powering it on) because I could work around the problem and didn’t want them pulling a unit off the line that could have gone to someone waiting for theirs. Had the PRU for the better part of a year. :blush:


I had an ‘early fix’, too. Can’t remember how long I had it, but the only reason I had to send it back was because the lid separated on one side in the back.

Well that’s awesome! :herb:

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