I Got a Golden Ticket!

My notification email came this week and I provided my address! I’ve been calling home from work every 5 minutes.
“Is it here, yet?”
“Is it here, yet?”
“Is it here, yet?”
To which my wife patently responds, “Stop calling until you get the UPS notification,” which I’ve not yet received. Oh my dog! I can barely stand it! I haven’t been this excited in quite some time. So directing my energy to the fantastic tutorials. Thanks so much to the user community for putting them together.


Chuckle! The whole thing does feel like Christmas morning, age 6 ½. :smile:


After a few weeks of doing that, the wife will put you on the “Do not call list”. Average seems to be 3 or 4 weeks. Though it varies wildly.


Mine came in just a few days. Get sleep now!:grin:

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