I Got It! It's REAL!


I don’t usually past on here but it’s been two years and I finally got my actual, real glowforge. Thank You Glowforge!


Congrats! (Thrilled to hear it!) :grinning::gift::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::candy:


Sadly, it doesn’t seem to work when I turn it on. It lights up but nothing moves and the button light doesn’t come on. This hurts!


You need to establish communication first through the app, and it can take a couple of tries.

(Use the Chrome browser, it seems to have the fewest problems.)

Run through the connection steps once more, and if it still doesn’t start up, post an error report in the Problems and Support section so the support team can open a ticket on it.


Like the paper said - “You are about to make something Amazing!”


Ok, everything is back on track and I’m lasering up a plasticy smokey storm!