I guess size does matter


I found some nice oak plywood at Lowe’s and as one sheet made 20 sheets I had a lot of sheets and was anxious to try it out. So I made that little snap together box and discovered that the box was designed for thinner stuff
Well even after cobbling the thing together it was like a kid who had outgrown their clothes, and not only that but I thought it small anyway… I could not bring it into inkscape but a bit of measuring the thickness intended and the oak plywood I discovered that the oak was 1.7 times as thick as intended so with a bit of playing about with arithmetic I scaled the design by 1.7
The result being :

Available cut size redux - not quite 11" wide, how to override settings
How to convert centimeters to inches

Very nice! :grinning:


Yes, that design scales nicely with the thickness of the material. It works in the other direction as well!


Great job!