I Have A Glowforge Pro For Sale in Los Angeles

I have had my Glowforge Pro since 1/7/2020. The joy I felt awaiting it’s arrival have diminished due to my time doing the same. I have actually spent two 1 hour sessions on it. Now instead of letting it sit idle, which is counter to every reason I got it. I thought best to recover financially from it and bless someone else at a lower price. I paid $6400 cash. No frills. I didn’t even get the safety glasses. But it’s awesome. I’m asking $5300 or best offer. Only serious should inquire

And now all the spam bots will be emailing you. I highly recommend that you remove your email address since this is an open public forum and the spam bots love to find email addresses like this.


does this still have the box and all the orange shipping bits?

Yes I do. But I didn’t keep the packaging. I’m surprised I kept the orange strips. Never thought as far as selling it or having to ship for repairs or something.

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