I have an external chiller, can I use it?

Yes. I have an external water cooler with in and out hoses, and I’m wondering if I can use it to help prolong the life on my GF Pro?

Not sure how it could be connected. There are sensors checking coolant temp, pump flow etc.

Either way, don’t think an extra unit will prolong life given that the current setup doesn’t allow opperation outside a very narrow temp range. Might allow you to run in higher ambient temps but would require internal code change.


If you find yourself getting the Cooling mode alot due to high air temps in the room you could use a radiator and fan with your water cooler to cool the air around the inlet to the GF case I suppose.

I once had the occasion to need to recycle freon as it was used dissolve wax from contact lenses and it cost hundreds of dollars for a 55 gal drum of it and hundreds more for them to pick up the Freon/wax mixture. I was able to get a used Ac grill and pump the wax free vapors through it getting clean freon out the bottom with everything sealed so no vapors made it into the room,

I would guess that you could find such a radiator in a scrap yard, and use it under the Glowforge intake to cool the air before it went to the rest of the system, and not modifying any of the rest of the Glowforge…