I heart my wife


My first edge-lit acrylic sign attempt…

It came out exactly as I wanted.
A couple of things I learned…

  1. I specifically made the heart 3x the size of the slot in the base. I wanted to see if the light would translate out 100% on either side. It really does. Maybe next time I’ll go bigger!
  2. I made the heart shape of the acrylic meet the bottom of the acrylic in a place I thought would be attractive. And it is. But I probably should have altered that so that I maximize the light coming out through the acrylic. (Not sure that made sense as I wrote it. Hope it does!)
  3. I can make my wife well-up when my first attempt at edge-lit signs is about our marriage.

Thanks to @Xabbess for showing the LED base in use yesterday which helped me finally decide which base to buy. I bought a 12 pack. :slight_smile:

Anyway… Thanks for taking a look!

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Beautiful and heart-centered. You did very well, my friend.


Great first sign, Tom! And obviously a good choice of design, with your love in mind. Glad you got some light bases. I didn’t even know you could get them in a 12 pack. I like that the acrylic sign part can be interchangeable with other bases whenever necessary.

I went through that thought, too. I made three signs. First one was really good, second one not so much. By the third one, I had it figured out. Looking forward to many more of your well-lit designs!


Awesome work! :sparkling_heart:
I need to pick up some of those LED bases.


Thanks, all!

Any advice on what you learned in your adventures there?


That turned out great! I’m sure she’s going to love it! :smile:


Thanks! Oh, there were nearly tears. :slight_smile: And then gushing on Facebook.


Squeeeee! :smile:


Only this…for now. The second one that I made that was only so so, was not large enough. And I found that placement of text and images is important to the light transferring well. Also, had to refigure my measurement for the ‘tab’ part on the bottom of the panel that fits into the slot.

Aha! I see the 12 pack was the ones that Karaelena linked to. Fancy schmancy…with the remotes! Those remotes though, will make your lighting extravaganza more fun! Edge lit lighting is one of the very first things I knew I wanted to make when I decided to buy a Glowforge.


That looks great Tom!


Ah… I presumed maybe you made it too large. I can see where too small could be a problem.

Yeah. I think it’s really the same as yours though! Just with the remote. Plus it’s like $1-$2 cheaper per unit buying by the dozen.

Seriously, this is so damn fun!

Oh, thanks!!! It amazes me, every time, how I can have this in my home.


you did a very good job on the design daddy.


Oh, look. Added users can post on the forums now.

Welcome, Little Guy! We’ll have to get Support to change your name to something better for posting. We’ll discuss that later.

Some folks here are already familiar with your Glowforge work. For example:

Like you and I, most people who uses this forum love to see new things. So you’ll have to post your next project!


Well hi there Andrew! Welcome to the forum! :grinning:


Well, hello Andy! :sunglasses:
Yes, your Dad is a pretty crafty guy! I’ll bet you are too!


Hi Andrew! I am very partial to your name. I had an uncle who was an amazing artist and I have a beloved grandson…both named Andrew. I’ll look forward to seeing what wonderful projects you come up with. Welcome!


Welcome @andrew.c.alessi to the forum. Looking forward to your next project.