I hung my nana

Our horse Bella is somewhat crazy around the barn (tends to bite people) although while under saddle is unflappable (like god forbid you stand 15’ free in front of her, but guy pulling stumps out with an excavator, sure). Anyway, the only treat that seems to calm her down is a banana. My wife complained that the bananas in the kitchen were ripening to quickly (Bella isn’t as thrilled with mushy bananas). Made with :proofgrade: thick acrylic. The first design failed as I thought thick acrylic was stronger than it is and the vertical snapped with 4 banana, so I made it wider. BTW: She eats them whole peal, stem and all. So a banana stand was required:

(and no I don’t usually keep my Prusa mk3 on the kitchen counter, but had to fix something, and it’s way easier up that high than in the enclosure)

stand.svg.zip (3.4 KB)
Source file if anyone wants to make their own (I guess just remove the text) with thick acrylic


Thanks for the file and the story. I always enjoy looking beyond the obvious in posted pictures, and did wonder about the other items on the kitchen counter. Your 3D printer is more interesting than the errant objects residing in my kitchen.

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Awwwww, cute solution! I know nothing about horses but they seem to have loads of personality (or is it attitude?).


What a great “Banana Hanger” :wink: Certainly would prove useful down here. Thanks!


Nice 'nana stand! :+1:

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Since I call one of my grandmothers “Nana,” I was a bit worried about what I’d find when I clicked through!

Clever solution!


Me too! I thought… not sure if I want to open this one or not… but I did HA!


If you ever see me post without a pun in the heading, call 911, I am posting under duress…


Will do! :wink:

I’m not far from you, so I could rally the local troops and storm the… abduction?


Funny, we all live fairly close (since we’re in New England everything is fairly close) to the first alien abduction site in the country over in Vermont. :alien:


Oh man, I can use this! Thanks for the file.

Having maker equipment on the kitchen counter is pretty much the norm here so this just looks homey to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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After the motorcycle in the dining room, my wife doesn’t mind a bit of maker equipment in the kitchen :smile:


Excellent technique and something I have mastered after 25 yrs of marriage. Start really big then “compromise” and settle for the what ya wanted in the first place. :smirk:

“Darn, you think this one is too much?” :anguished: s-l300

“Well, guess this one will jus have to do”:grin:


If only SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) would allow it. It’s the thing that most men dream of!

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Funny you should bring that up…DH is making noises about a new truck (his has just started making a squeak that he doesn’t like.)

His technique is even better…talk about it every waking minute of the day and look completely pathetic until in sheer desperation I tell him to get his ass out and buy a new one. :smile:

I’m being manipulated and I know it…but it’s kind of cute.


So make a game of it - pretend to not hear him, he has to escalate, moans louder, tells friends & neighbors, you look wide-eyed & innocent, you love the truck, you’re so happy he lives his truck, surprised when he demurs, don’t understand what he’s saying…rinse & repeat…how long can you play your part to his? :grin:


I’ve only got a limit of about three days….(apparently). I crack like spring ice. :smile:


I am a fail at that whole thing. My my husband mentions that he needs a new whatever, I say, “You work hard. Go and buy it!”

Guess who is the frugal one of the bunch?


Same here. Except he’s retired, so actually what I say is, “you make me coffee every morning, you deserve it!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! Texans have such cute sayings :smiley: