I just bought mine! Need help finding a SVG

thank you! I will check this out

One note, I don’t know what kind of finish a heated knife leaves, but iirc there may be some browning of the edges with the laser. I only use my felt for backing things, like coasters or the feet of furniture, so I have never bothered to dial in my settings to try and eliminate it.


if I’m not careful - my patch is done for with discoloring. So its about the same. I might baby step it/etching and see how deep I can get it to go. Still learning phase, my machine wont be with me until Feb, so I have plenty of time to research before hand.


The absolute best thing you can do is research and learn between now and when your GF arrives. To be honest, I am absolutely dumbfounded when I read of buyers whose GF arrives and they are totally clueless. I guess it is just because it is not my way. I am a researcher by nature. I read everything I could get my hands on, as far back as I could in this forum before I ever hit that buy button. I had many project designs way before my GF ever arrived. Please reach out if I can be of any assistance. You can’t know it all but you can certainly prepare yourself as much as possible which makes this wonderful tool so much more enjoyable.


Me too!

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Welcome to both machine and group ! :partying_face: You will also want to spend some time with Inkscape and Gimp while you are not pushed to get work out.

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